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Inspector Rex Wiki is an encyclopedia dedicated to the Austrian and Italian TV series about Rex, a dog inspector. The first ten seasons of the series are set in Vienna and recount the adventures of a group of three men in an office of criminal investigation - Austrian "Kriminal Polizei" - and in particular the Mordkommission or homicide. In addition to the three police office includes a German shepherd named Rex with the task of finding dead bodies and dog sniffing for contraband and drugs. Rex is a big dog adopted from the first episode by Richard Moser. Then, other police commissioners take care of Rex. The only cop who is afraid of dogs is Ernst Stockinger, who left the series in his second season, to participate in the spin-off, "Stockinger". The idea of Rex starts with a man, Peter Hajek, who decided to create a TV series, Inspector Rex, given the increasingly frequent criminal activities in Vienna. After the end of the season 10, the series remains dormant for 3 to 4 years. Then, the scene moves to Rome, where Lorenzo Fabbri meets Erika Hedl and takes care of the dog.

About Inspector Rex
The idea of ​​creating Inspector Rex originated in 1992. It is true that initially the plan was not directed to make a film with a dog - a draft of the police detective series. Invited to audition for Tobias Moretti, he appeared, but not alone, but accompanied by her four-legged friend. The couple looked very harmonious. It was then the director spontaneously and had the idea to use a dog in the movie. Wrote the script, and started casting, which lasted long enough. Carefully selected only, of course, the challenger for the lead role - a clever, cunning super-dog. When the cast has been approved, has begun training a dog that dragged on for six months. Filming of the first two series also took a long time, and, finally, November 10, 1994 on the screens of the long-awaited premiere... And it was an unprecedented success! So it all began. Since then, the series fell in love all over the world, in Germany alone in a four-legged guardian of order, there are 8.5 million fans. Today, "Rexomania" reached more than 100 countries.

In the first series a major role legged hero commissioner Moser, played by the Austrian actor Tobias Moretti. In his veins the blood of the Austrian mixed with Italian, and he predicted a successful career as a musician. The actor plays professionally several instruments, he studied at the Vienna Conservatory and the Munich drama school. It later emerged that Moretti hated when the dog licked his face, as it happened in each series. Another was that the actor is allergic to wool, he sneezed, and sometimes even crying, but suffered as much as 4 years. Then Tobias asked the writer to rewrite the script, after much persuasion he agreed, and eventually Richard Moser was killed by a psychopath. After the departure of Moretti's authors were in disarray, and decided to close the show, but then stepped fans Rex. Viewers have written so many letters in support of the show that TV does not have anything else to do but find a replacement for Tobias.

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