Lorenzo Fabbri is the first Italian chief commissioner of the series. He was portrayed by Kaspar Capparoni.

Description of the Character Edit

Lorenzo Fabbri, he's the son of an Italian man and an Austrian woman ; after his parents' separation he lived for a short time in Vienna with his mother, before returning to Italy. In Italy, the commissioner studied law and entered the police. Lorenzo almost always wears dark, in a casual way, without excesses, but also without any sloppiness. He hates ties and sneakers. Preferably wearing jeans, shirt and jacket, the latter strictly black. Above, when it's cold, he wears a sports jacket. On the feet, a must-see in the summer and winter, a pair of Clark's. Despite a certain toughness (which, in the end, he is not), Lorenzo is a nice person, inclined to irony, who never takes himself too seriously and who can sometimes seem a bit of a scoundrel.

He is a great music lover and has a few thousand CDs, especially classical - he adores Bach - and 70s rock. He drinks at least a dozen coffees a day, things that make inspector Giandomenico Morini, his right arm, think that coffee is extremely harmful. Women like it a lot, but they tend to avoid "serious" stories. At work his most appreciated characteristic is tenacity. In addition to this, Lorenzo has a great deal of humanity that he often tends to hide behind ways that, at first glance, may seem a bit abrupt and with a very sharp irony. Like all (or almost all) people with a strong personality, it has a very bad character. Sometimes it is a bit harsh both with subordinates and collaborators, but never unfair. Lorenzo is sensitive, empathic and has a tendency, almost quixotic, to always take the side of the weaker, which, combined with a profound, though sometimes a bit personal, ethical sense, has given him more than a grain with the superiors. His method of investigation consists in identifying himself with the environment in which the crime has matured, relying on intuitions, sensations, small details, trying to get into the psychology of the people involved and to understand their motivations. For the rest, Lorenzo leads a rather "normal" life, sometimes boring, at least until the moment when, in a police station in Vienna, where he is to investigate a serial killer, he does not meet Rex. He leaves the scene at the beginning of the fourteenth season and dies in an attack. His death is due to the explosion of his car. (Amidst the Wolves)

Trivia Edit

  • According to some fans of the "bel paese", the Italian series should not have been created, and Capparoni would not have been the ideal actor for the role. Despite these "protests", the series had a good response from the public of the television channel : Rai 1.
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